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Sunday, May 15, 2011


So it's been a little over a week since the TFF/GMM and the turnout was just as good as ever despite permit issues earlier this year

Thanks to everyone who made it happen, you saved the Toronto Freedom Festival

So someone by the name of Agent1Lex on Youtube posted an excellent series of video's of the TFF/GMM so here's part one

If you skip ahead to about 5:25 you may notice a nice little Oshawa Cannabis Day spot, glad whoever that was got the flyer on camera

And here's some more images of the day



Without these two Oshawa would smell a lot less like freedom

                                                                  The Bong Strap

Don't miss the Treating Yourself Expo this summer

        Matt Mernaugh, The King of Pot?

 This guy was very proud of his joint, I'm suprised he didn't cry when he lit it.

Half-Man, Half-Bong, All stoned

Grabbed most of the pics off a single extensive facebook album by Brodie Helsdon, Thank's for the great photography

Sunday, April 24, 2011

420 Toronto

And so the protesting season begins

420 Hash Mob Toronto 2011 from Brotherloose Films on Vimeo.

Glad to be back in it, more to come after the Toronto Freedom Festival and GMM

Btw, my sign is the huge I Toke and I Vote sign

That's because if you toke, you better vote or else Harper will put you in jail.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What the hell just happened?

This is about the no-fly zone Lybia and the backwards responses I'm hearing.

We sat by and the UN said "Oh we''ll have a meeting on Tuesday"  Meanwhile Gaddafi bombed the shit out of his people and managed to essentially "make it to the gates" of Benghazi

The people there have made it clear they want to win this war on their own, but they can't do it because they don't have the air defense and offense capabilities that Gaddafi's forces have.

So after weeks of people dieing the UN finally decided to start up a no-fly zone, now in order to do it they needed to have their planes in the air

         Now is it just me or does that look like something you would rather not be flying through?

That combined with radar, long range missiles that can hit most of Italy, tanks, SAM launchers etc.. means you cant just be putting multi million dollar aircraft in the line of fire.

Anyways since February I've been hearing callers from Lybia making a general consensus
1. They want to win the revolution on their own. No Ground Forces
2. They need a no-fly zone so they stop getting their asses handed to them with flying chunks of exploding metal.

So after waiting for Gaddafi to gain the upper hand the UN finally got of their asses and agreed on the No-Fly zone, however when it they began taking out key infrastructure people started to complain.

Here's what I've heard so far.


No, Lybia supplies only 2% of the worlds oil and it is going to cost the same for Americans whether Gadaffi is in charge or if it is someone else, oil will still be oil, it will still belong to the companies processing it for them to sell.


Sure peace is great, but when you have a mad man indiscriminately killing, bombing, and humiliating his own people, and he wont listen to requests to show mercy, respect rights etc.

In that case you have to use violence to stop violence. (Ever heard of Tiananmen square? Laying down in front of tanks will only get you run over if you have a murderer at the helm)
So to all the people who don't think blowing up his bombs are they answer then why don't you go see what is more deadly for yourself, inert bomb and tank fragments, or live unexploded ordinances.


So what they are saying is that 300 million a week (could cost more could cost less) is too much for America to spend. Well guess what, if every American bought one less cheap fast food item a week, that would cover it so quit complaining, you can spare the change to save lives and invoke democracy into the world.

And it's not as though America is even going to be the one in the lead, Sarkozy obviously wants that position to help get freedom fries switched back to french fries


So those people are suggesting that people who make their own country's laws should be above basic human rights?

It's not as though the US is going in there with boatloads of troops and invading. Its like taking away the safecracking equipment from a bank robber, he can try to do the crime anyways but he's got a much lesser chance.


People have been complaining about this because of the so called lack of planning let me reiterate this.


There doesn't need to be a plan because that is not the UN's job, that is the job of the Lybian rebels. All the UN no fly zone participants have to do is make sure Gaddafi is not doing bombing runs which means the following
a. Take out his radar
b. Take out his AA guns
c. Take out his SAM sites
d. Take out mobile heavy weaponry
e. Take out command and control centers
f. Take out his aircraft and airports
f. When safe do regular flights over Lybian airspace to ensure he is not flying

Not necessarily in that order but that is it and that is all.


Now imagine you are one of them. You have watched your family get shot, your cities bombed, your friends dieing on the frontlines. You and your friends are doing everything you can to make sure you are free, and free because you freed yourself and your people.

Now imagine after all the hardship and suffering you have gone through to gain your freedom, Uncle Sam comes along, puts a bullet in his head and says here you go freedom.

As easy as that would be it would spark hatred by Gaddafi's followers, it would become a tool for terrorist groups to mobilize people against the western 'meddlers' and most of all it would take away from the Lybian people's right to say "WE stood together, WE brought about change, and WE are free because of it"

We are free to help but it is not our place to finish the job for them.


That's their choice, if they elected the Taliban through fair elections then sure go ahead, it is their freedom to choose who leads them and noone can deny them that.

If they elected terrorists and the terrorists were to attack us, then sure we can say something then but like any party they all have the right to at least try to win if that is what their people want.

Now I could go on and on about this if I wanted to but that is more than enough for now.

On a final note, if you don't like that the modern world is assisting with bombs against Gaddafi then you are just as bad as he is, you are just as bad as Saddam Hussein using mustard gas on his own people, you are just as bad as the Khmer Rouge, and you are just as bad as the propagators of the genocides in Rwanda.
If you watch a murder and don't do anything to stop it you get charged with accessory. I'd rather be an accessory to Freedom thanks.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Join the Facebook group to help spread awareness of this issue

If you don't know what the Toronto Freedom Festival is, then you should really check it out this year on May the 7th.

For the past few years vendors of  various cannabis related merchendise gathered in Queen's Park North for one of the largest pot festivals worldwide, featuring TENS OF THOUSANDS of people in 2010. Booths included cannabis seed dealers, Bong shops, Hemp clothing, and even Cannabis food and drink.

Unfortunatley last year some dumb ass decided "Hey im gonna do some LSD and climb a tree herp derp."
He later fell out and nearly killed himself. This sucks for us because now the permit to allow the booths to sell their items has been denied.


MAY 7th 2011
Queen's Park North (Near Bloor and University)
Toronto, Ontario

Wether or not the permits are granted people will show regardless, and we need you now more than ever.

"So it looks like the man is trying to control our freedoms but not allowing us to have the freedom festival at queens park..we need to raise up together and take back our freedoms... Light it up"

Also a message from the group creator.

"We call upon anyone who has attended or wishes to the freedom festival or marijuana march to join our facebook group Save The Toronto Freedom Festival. and follow us on twitter #SaveTFF please donate to our legal fund, Ron Marzel, In trust "

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Sorry it's been so long since the last post, I've been glued to the problems in the middle east.

I'll get back to my G20 story later, but for now there is one video I want to show you of a white American van running down a crowd of protesters in Egypt.

They say that the van was stolen from them along with several others on January the 28th.

That all sounds fine and dandy but if you had just ran over dozens of people and drove off would you not say the same thing?

And I thought the green police van running 3-5 people down earlier in the demonstrations was bad.

Good luck to everyone down there trying to change to a free society, and do it without destroying anymore artifacts please.

Ill leave it on a joke I heard yesterday

Dear Egypt,
Good luck in your push for democracy, continue your revolution but please do not destroy the pyramids, we do not plan to rebuild.

      The Jews

Monday, January 3, 2011

G20 Toronto

Recently I had a member of the OIPRD come to my house for a second interview for my detainment at the G20, although it will be a long time before I see anything come out of it, I'm glad to know they're still on it.

Here I will post my OIPRD report and follow up later on with some more info

The events leading up to the arrest occured after a peaceful march, where police had given us the go ahead to continue as long as we remained on the sidewalks of queen street leaving the downtown core(a command that was obeyed). As we approached River St. the police blocked off the road with bicycle units and swat vans stood by behind them

This caused a vast majority of the group to run down the alley, an action which i stated with my megaphone, was innapropriate and i proceeded to tell them to not run from police while declaring the remaining 10-15 people were peaceful and cooperative.

We remained for 20 minutes or so when, without ANY warning, verbal or gestured, police closed in and rounded us up into a paddy wagon. The officer arrested me first and told me that they had been telling us to disperse the entire time we were there (Which was a lie as we recieved permission from the officer in the squad car earlier on Queen.)

The officers repeatedly dropped my phone and ipod and replied "too bad" when i said "Please dont drop my phone" (The screen on my phone is now cracked and the screen at times will warp and freeze in use, also my IPOD Touch had it's wifi broken along with the battery capacity, a short in the wifi i assume)

After this i was detained for a total of 19 hours as a minor, without having my parent notified (weeks later and they have yet to deliver the call) The Court Services officers inside took the remaining belongings i had on me and placed them in a seperate evidence bag which they neglected to seal, (I still have the bag with the seal attached)

Throughout the detainment, officers (court and police) maintained a level of decorum equal to what i would expect to see from an addict, or alcoholic. constantly swearing, neglecting the rights of the human beings they had illegally detained and failing to respond correctly to even the simplest of questions

The interviewing officer for me ws a staff sargeant, i dont recall his name entirely but it was if im not mistaken Gary Gardin or perhaps Garbin, (if not that it is close) of the toronto Homicide Unit (he declared that) Howver despite the rank of this officer his demeanor was worse than that of some of the CSOs in the jail. Constantly using the word fuck, more than would be acceptable as part of daily speech or a slip.

Police are supposed to set an example to be the best, at the G20 they showed the sad despicable side of humanity that noone should ever have to endure, esspecially not in MY Canada.

Additional information:
Although i was not injured by police, many people were, girls were fingered during searches by male officers and more specifically a cell mate of mine was told by the officer that kicked him that "They hope it gets infected" when he requested medical attention. He was detained 23 hours and did not recieve medical attention until leaving himself

Also the officer at the door letting people out pushed me out into the rain without my shoes on, what the fuck happened to police? This is not funny and is not allowed

I also have heard unconfirmed reports of the beer that was apparantly in abundance for the G20 officers who were on duty

The next time you want to release drunk thugs on innocent civilians people will stand up and hurt the police with more than an inquiry and flow of complaints

I also made a map of the route I took just prior to my arrest which I will post later on, along with some other personal G20 info

Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm looking to get a fund started to purchase some billboard space to help either the Free Marc movement, or just for the legalization of cannabis in general.

This caught my eye
and if more people started seeing that on their drive to work everyday, taking the bus or the subway, or even just going shopping maybe we could get the ball rolling just a little faster

Even something like this one for LEAP would be better than all the makeup, alcohol and clothing ads I see everyday

Either way leave a comment if you want to help out and we can start saving to spread awareness