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Monday, January 3, 2011

G20 Toronto

Recently I had a member of the OIPRD come to my house for a second interview for my detainment at the G20, although it will be a long time before I see anything come out of it, I'm glad to know they're still on it.

Here I will post my OIPRD report and follow up later on with some more info

The events leading up to the arrest occured after a peaceful march, where police had given us the go ahead to continue as long as we remained on the sidewalks of queen street leaving the downtown core(a command that was obeyed). As we approached River St. the police blocked off the road with bicycle units and swat vans stood by behind them

This caused a vast majority of the group to run down the alley, an action which i stated with my megaphone, was innapropriate and i proceeded to tell them to not run from police while declaring the remaining 10-15 people were peaceful and cooperative.

We remained for 20 minutes or so when, without ANY warning, verbal or gestured, police closed in and rounded us up into a paddy wagon. The officer arrested me first and told me that they had been telling us to disperse the entire time we were there (Which was a lie as we recieved permission from the officer in the squad car earlier on Queen.)

The officers repeatedly dropped my phone and ipod and replied "too bad" when i said "Please dont drop my phone" (The screen on my phone is now cracked and the screen at times will warp and freeze in use, also my IPOD Touch had it's wifi broken along with the battery capacity, a short in the wifi i assume)

After this i was detained for a total of 19 hours as a minor, without having my parent notified (weeks later and they have yet to deliver the call) The Court Services officers inside took the remaining belongings i had on me and placed them in a seperate evidence bag which they neglected to seal, (I still have the bag with the seal attached)

Throughout the detainment, officers (court and police) maintained a level of decorum equal to what i would expect to see from an addict, or alcoholic. constantly swearing, neglecting the rights of the human beings they had illegally detained and failing to respond correctly to even the simplest of questions

The interviewing officer for me ws a staff sargeant, i dont recall his name entirely but it was if im not mistaken Gary Gardin or perhaps Garbin, (if not that it is close) of the toronto Homicide Unit (he declared that) Howver despite the rank of this officer his demeanor was worse than that of some of the CSOs in the jail. Constantly using the word fuck, more than would be acceptable as part of daily speech or a slip.

Police are supposed to set an example to be the best, at the G20 they showed the sad despicable side of humanity that noone should ever have to endure, esspecially not in MY Canada.

Additional information:
Although i was not injured by police, many people were, girls were fingered during searches by male officers and more specifically a cell mate of mine was told by the officer that kicked him that "They hope it gets infected" when he requested medical attention. He was detained 23 hours and did not recieve medical attention until leaving himself

Also the officer at the door letting people out pushed me out into the rain without my shoes on, what the fuck happened to police? This is not funny and is not allowed

I also have heard unconfirmed reports of the beer that was apparantly in abundance for the G20 officers who were on duty

The next time you want to release drunk thugs on innocent civilians people will stand up and hurt the police with more than an inquiry and flow of complaints

I also made a map of the route I took just prior to my arrest which I will post later on, along with some other personal G20 info


  1. I thought Canadian police were supposed to be nice. Note to self, do not get arrested in Canada.

  2. They tend to get hectic around those events :/ bad luck

    Cool blog :)

  3. Ugh. Cops can really be morons. :S

    Follwing and supporting!