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Sunday, May 15, 2011


So it's been a little over a week since the TFF/GMM and the turnout was just as good as ever despite permit issues earlier this year

Thanks to everyone who made it happen, you saved the Toronto Freedom Festival

So someone by the name of Agent1Lex on Youtube posted an excellent series of video's of the TFF/GMM so here's part one

If you skip ahead to about 5:25 you may notice a nice little Oshawa Cannabis Day spot, glad whoever that was got the flyer on camera

And here's some more images of the day



Without these two Oshawa would smell a lot less like freedom

                                                                  The Bong Strap

Don't miss the Treating Yourself Expo this summer

        Matt Mernaugh, The King of Pot?

 This guy was very proud of his joint, I'm suprised he didn't cry when he lit it.

Half-Man, Half-Bong, All stoned

Grabbed most of the pics off a single extensive facebook album by Brodie Helsdon, Thank's for the great photography

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